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Sharing Ideas with Busy Dads


I am T.J. Chmielewski. A professional and a dad of 3. Being a dad is my most favorite thing in the world. Yet, there were points in my life I found myself not being present with my children. After a busy work week, I would feel drained and just not 100% engaged. Sometimes I was taking work home and putting that quality-time off. Sometimes I was present, but my mind was still on work or my countless other responsibilities. I knew I needed to be better than this for my kids.

The most valuable thing a father can give to his children is his time.

I have developed habits and routines to shut down my professional brain and get myself ramped up to be all-in on my daddy time. I come prepared as I would to an important stakeholder meeting. I’m hoping to share some of the things I’ve done and what I’ve learned in my journey to be a focused father. I would be encouraged to hear your stories and ideas as well.

me and my 3 kids


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